Friday, October 16, 2009

"Of Balance" 4' X 2'
One of the featured Drumhead's 
from the recycled green series
"Rhythms of The Earth" 

on exhibition at
On Assignment Studios
North Park District
2860 University Avenue, San Diego, CA
Exhibition Dates
October 17th - November 21th

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  1. Elements of the Paintings in the "Rhythms of The Earth" series:

    Drum Heads: All are recycled "Performance Used" drum heads, gathered from various acts as they are changed for new ones. They carry with them the residual energy from the performances.

    Masonite Painting Faces: All are recycled stage floor coverings from various shows that are custom cut to fit the drum heads. They have been the flooring for dance, concerts, and other events, and carry with them the the residual energy from the events.

    Wooden Framing: The framing for the painting is of poplar. The type used is ‘finger-joined’ which is made from small sections of previously unusable poplar lumber that would otherwise be ground for particle board. This contributes to the reduction of waste.

    Painting & Sealing: The paints used are nearly all low VOC acrylics, and the seal coating is of shellac, a natural renewable LEED compliant sealer.